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What to do if your roof has been slammed by a storm

Texas has extremely unpredictable weather, being affected by roughly 139 storms each year on average and ranking top in the world for tornado occurrence. This puts you in the company of many other families who are in danger of losing their homes or having them severely destroyed by the storms that hit the state daily. Then you may require a roof replacement, in which case you can always contact these roofers for assistance with the roof installation.

Storms damaged roofs

No one wants their roof to be struck by a category 3, 4, or 5 storm with winds exceeding 157 miles per hour. Even your hefty roofs will be blown away. However, here are some experienced roofers that can help you to ease your job of reinstallation of these roofs.

Calling expert roofing companies

In the event of storm damage, our roofing professionals are always there to assist you and are only a phone call away. A business like ReJUVN8 specializes `in roof repairs and will come quickly to your call to offer you with the best and most efficient service possible, making you feel as if the damage never happened. As soon as you attempt to contact us, we respond immediately and begin repairing and reconstructing your property to save you time and money. We repair all sorts of storm damage, from broken doors to damaged roofs, all with just one phone call. You don’t have to do it on your own when we have professionals on hand to assist you. We will repair your home at the most affordable cost.


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Visually calculating the damage done

We will calculate the damage done to your roof without even stepping on it. You might also need to file the insurance claims also to recover the cost of the damaged property. Analyzing the total damage done and the total cost of the damaged property can help recover your expenditures.

Taking photographs of the immediate aftereffect of a storm can help increase the liability of your insurance company advancing a big bore helping hand.

Pinpoint the leakages

Pinpoint the leakages of the places where the leakages could be possibly found and when your roof contractor visits you then inform them. This will help them to assist you.

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Make sure to do these things till we reach to your address

Even we are in hurry to take over the things but still there a few things you need to take care of before our arrival

  • Check and make sure that the electric supply of home is not in contact with the leaking water in any means
  • Leaking water can be slippery and not just that it may cause the floor irreparable damages so keep a bucket or something on the leakage area to collect the water and clean the floor with a dry mop or towel so that no person gets slipped and injured.

Is your roof damaged by the storms or Hurricanes?

We are here to help!

We are a team of expert roofing contractors having years of experience in the industry. We assist people with dealing of roof and roof related services specializing in storm drainage

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