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Roof Hail Damage Experts | Conroe Roofers

Roof Hail Damage Experts

As many hail storms as we get here in Conroe, many homeowners have to have their roofs replaced due to hail and wind damage. You need a Conroe roofing company that you can trust! Rejuven8 Roofing will quickly and successfully walk you through the somewhat confusing and difficult insurance claim process. We understand the insurance industry, their estimating software, and their lingo. No matter what type of homeowner’s insurance policy you have, Rejuven8 Roofing can help you with your insurance

How does hail happen?

Due to our particular location at the base of Conroe, hail storms and wind storms occur almost every year in Texas.

According to WeatherBug, “Summers are hot. Hail is cold. They seem like an odd couple – so how can hail fall when it’s summertime?…Hail forms when strong currents of rising air, known as updrafts, carry droplets of water high enough that they freeze. A strong updraft allows hailstones to grow large enough to reach the ground. Simply put, the stronger the updraft, the larger the hail.

Once they grow large enough to begin falling, they speed towards the Earth as fast as 90 mph, taking around a minute and a half to reach land! Small hailstones usually melt before reaching the ground, but the larger ones do hit the ground and can cause extensive damage.”

The good news is that insurance companies are aware of this and are prepared to replace roofs with this type of damage.

If you’ve been hit by a recent hail storm, insurance companies require a roof inspection in order to proceed with an insurance hail claim to get your roof replacement by a reputable Conroe roofing contractor.

What happens to your roof in a hail storm?

As hail falls from the sky and depending on the size, it strikes your property and makes dents, cracks, chips, breaks or even penetrates your roof and other items. On your roof, the hail can dent or even knock off furnace and chimney caps, crack plastic roof vents, chip chimney siding, bricks or stucco, break your skylights and finally leave deep circular pock marks that reveal the mid and bottom sections or even holes through your shingles. This can all lead to water leaks into your home. Not to mention damage to gutters, windows, paint, fences, deck and other personal property.

Depending on the severity of the hail damage and the age of your roof material, this will determine if you need to file an insurance hail claim.

Do You Have Roof Hail Damage? We’ll Find O

This is what we do for you:

  • Walk the entire roof and perform our 12 Point Inspection
  • Take pictures of all possible damage
  • Share the details of Rejuven8 Roofing’s Standards of Excellence
  • Explain the insurance claim process (should you need to file a claim)
  • Provide you with a detailed report
  • Get you started on your brand new roof

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