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18 points for roof hail damage checklist that you should look to repair to spot the damages done to your roof and to keep your roof in the best condition it could be. Read REJUVEN8 roofing and restoration blog to know more.


1. Damaged Outdoor Lights

Look for cracked or broken light fixtures in the yard or on the sides of house.


2. Garage Door Dents/Dings

Check garage doors for dents, dings, paint chips, scuff patterns.


3.Damaged Swing/Play Sets

Check playsets and swing sets for dents, dings, paint chips, scuff patterns. Look for splintered wood or light discolored spots in the stain.


4. Blown Off Shingles

Look for broken bits or loose shingles that may have fallen off around the house and in the yard. Hail is usually accompanied by high winds. If you see shingles in the yard, you may have wind or hail damage on the roof.


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5. Outdoor Furniture Damage

Take a look at your outdoor furniture. Hail will crack or put holes in plastic yard furniture. It may also chip the paint or splinter the wood on wooden furniture.


6. Window Well Covers

Cracks and holes in window well cover may indicate diameter and quantity of hail.


7. Dented Dryer Vents or Wall Vents

Dents in the soft metal of various wall vents may point to potential roof damage.


8. Utility Shed Damage

Check sheds or buildings for damage to metal roofing, siding, etc. Look closely at the roof of metal utility sheds for dents. Look at shingled utility sheds for small spots where shingles are dimpled or have missing granules.


9. Dented AC Condenser/Heat Pump

Check the air conditioner condenser unit housing for dents or damage from hail. Check the condenser coil fins for dent.


10. Damage to Painted Wood Surfaces

Check any painted wood surfaces around the house for dimples or paint chips. Look for freshly exposed wood.


11. Water Spots or Rotted External Wood

Look under eaves or porches for signs of water leaking through the roof to external wood surfaces. This may point to old hail damage that leaks through shingles.


12. Damage to Fencing

On wood fencing, look for fresh wood scrapes from hail impact, dents, or splintered wood. Look for holes or cracks in vinyl fencing.


13. Broken/Fallen Tree Limbs

Check the yard for any large broken/fallen tree limbs. Heavy windstorms that bring down large limbs or branches are sometimes accompanied by large hailstones.


14. Damaged Pool Pump Equipment

Cracks in piping and other pool equipment may indicate major roof damage.


15. Chips or Dents to Deck Stain/Paint

Large hailstones may cause visible damage to your deck. Check deck stain/paint for cracks, splits, chips, and indentations.

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16. Dented or Splattered Metal Surfaces

Splatter marks or dents on exterior metal electrical panels or other metal surfaces may indicate the direction and size of hailstones.


17. Debris in Swimming Pool

If there’s a pool, check for any debris from storm damage. Hailstorms may cause extensive damage to trees, stripping leaves that end up on the ground.


18.  Contact REJUVEN8 roofing and restoration professionals for deep inspections

Though you can look for all these issues yourself to look if you have any roof damage or not but still there are a lot of things which are not possible to inspect yourself. That’s why REJUVEN8 roofing and restoration are here to help you. REJUVEN8 roofing and restoration experts will perform deep inspections to check every possible issue that can damage your roof. REJUVEN8 roofing and restoration offer a free inspection of your property so gain the benefit and call us now.


As soon as you find roofing damage, immediately call an expert to fix it as soon as possible so that you don’t face any more related issues. REJUVEN8 roofing and restoration are the experts in their work and will help you with more than 25 years of in-the-field experience. Don’t wait and call us now.

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