How Hail Damage Can Compromise Your Home’s Roof

Hail falls in a variety of sizes and shapes; typical hail damage is hard to spot by the naked eye, with hail as small as marbles able to cause damage to your roof and other exterior components of your home.

This small hail damage can go unnoticed by homeowners and compromise their roof and other home components, leading to these components failing prematurely and leaving their home at risk. If homeowners do not get a roof inspection at the first sign of damage or after a severe storm, it may come with significantly higher repair costs in the future.

Today, insurance companies have started to enforce time limits in which homeowners must report their damage to ensure they are covered. Typically these time limits are restricted to a year after the storm damage has occurred, but they can be as little as six months, all depending on your insurance provider and policy. Insurance carriers prefer homeowners to have a qualified roofing contractor to verify damage before submitting a claim to limit any unnecessary claims.

The team at Robey Roofing is trained to identify all types of storm damage per industry standards and are available to service all homeowners.


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