The 3 Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Roof

Your roofing system is a large and complex component working to keep your home safe and damage-free from the harsh elements. But it is not as seamless as it looks–there are actually many vulnerable spots in your roof that require special attention. By keeping these parts in good shape, you can ensure the roofing system can continue delivering the superior weather performance you expect. Independent Construction Services, LLC, the trusted roofing and exterior painting service company, discusses three of the most vulnerable parts of your roof, plus how to keep them damage-free.

1. Ridge Vents. You’ll want to keep an eye on the vent system at your roof’s peak. Leaks are more likely to form at this spot, especially when the vents are made of one-piece metal. What you should do is examine this part of the roof from inside your attic and check for signs of leaking under the vent. Wet or stained wood is an indication, and should prompt a ridge vent replacement.

2. Shingles. Making up a significant portion of your roof, the shingles take the brunt of damage from extreme weather conditions. High winds can loosen or blow them off, hailstones can damage them upon impact, while blistering heat can cause them to become dry and brittle over time. Once the shingles are compromised, leaks will start to form, leaving your home open to water damage. Have a trusted roof repair and exterior vinyl siding company, like Independent Construction Services, LLC, thoroughly check the surface of your roof and replace any broken shingles as necessary.

3. Flashing. This refers to the thin, metallic material used around your chimneys, valleys, dormers, vent pipes, skylights and other leak-prone spots on the roof surface. A damaged flashing makes it easy for water to infiltrate your roof and cause leaks. For this reason, it pays to have your roof checked periodically by a premier roofing company, especially following a major weather event.

You can count on Independent Construction Services, LLC for this. Aside from roof replacement, we can also handle your roof repair needs. We’ll deal with any damage these vulnerable roof parts may have sustained and–with our comprehensive roof maintenance–head off any developing issues. We proudly serve Candler, NC and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (828)-808-8482 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. 


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