Storm Proofing Options for Your Next Roof Replacement

Fall is the season known for its beautiful views and vibrant colors. It’s also the season for most roof repair and replacement jobs. This is largely because rain and hail storms are common during this time of the year. While most modern roofing products are designed to withstand almost anything mother nature can throw at them, they can still stand to benefit from a little storm-proofing.

A storm-proof roof doesn’t necessarily mean it can scoff at hurricane winds or shrug off snowstorms without incurring any damage. Storm-proofing is a way to keep your roof in excellent shape to face whatever weather condition you might be having with little or no damage. Let our experts at 3JM Exteriors, Inc. give you a few pointers on how to effectively prepare your roof for a stormy day.

Seasonal Inspections

Regular inspections and preventive maintenance are a good way to avoid emergency roof repair needs. Most experts recommend calling your local contractor for a thorough inspection of your roof at least once every two to three years. However, it’s also important to schedule seasonal visits in the spring and fall to make sure your roof is in good condition for the changing weather.

Storm Proof Additions

The edge or bottom-row shingles can be prone to lifting under high winds. Talk to your roofer about reinforcing these edges to minimize the risk of shingle blow-off. You can also ask your roofing contractor about using galvanized ring-shank nails to better adhere to the roof deck to the rafters.

Upgrading the Roof

If you’re due for a new roof anyway, discuss with your roof repair and replacement contractor about using D, G or H-class shingles for better wind resistance. Roofing products are classified into these UL classes according to their strengths and resistances.

At 3JM Exteriors, Inc., we can help you get your roof ready to face whatever the weather the season brings. Give us a call at (630) 985-6494 or fill out our contact form and request a free estimate today. We serve homeowners in Barrington, Northbrook, Woodridge and other neighboring communities in IL.


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