How To Stop a Roof Leak During a Storm

If your roof has sprung a leak during a heavy rain, you may not be able to get a repair service to fix it until the weather has passed.

Here’s what you do to keep it under control in the mean time. Call Northern Beaches roof experts for advice on damage caused by roof leak. We can fix all roofs in Sydney.

Contain the Flow

Water will travel to the nearest weak spot, so a drip may show itself in the corner of a light or vent fixture or anywhere with a joint or seam. Move away any nearby items to keep them from getting damaged, and give yourself space to capture the water with buckets or towels. Keep multiple drip catches available. You can be prepared for secondary leaks and more easily rotate through your buckets as they take on water. A large container might buy you time, but it will be more difficult to move once it fills up.

Check for Damage

The roof leak may appear as a dark stain or bulge in the ceiling. This is a sign that the water has pooled and is weakening the material around it. If you find a spot like this, punch a hole with a screwdriver or similar sharp narrow object to let the water drain into your bucket. Otherwise, the weight from the gathered water may cause the surrounding wall to collapse.

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Identify the Source

Sometimes, water damage in the house is due to other causes such as an issue with the plumbing or the heating and cooling system. If you’ve ruled out these possibilities, check your attic for the point of entry in the roof. Carry a flashlight and wear safety protection such as gloves, a dust mask, and safety glasses, especially if you have fiberglass insulation.

The water may have traveled to the place where it pooled, so try to follow the drip to its initial source. If it’s no longer raining, look for stains, signs of mold, or other damage. Once you’ve identified the roof leak, make sure your bucket or drip catch is not placed directly on the attic floor, which may collapse under the container as it fills. You can improvise a sturdy surface for it by placing a board across the floor beams.

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Keep Looking Up

Do not climb onto your roof while it is still raining. If you are safely able to do so afterwards, look for warped or damaged shingles to locate the source of the leak from the outside. Check to make sure the gutters are clear and will let water flow freely. Securing a tarp to the outside of the roof is a good temporary solution that will prevent further damage while you’re waiting for a long-term fix. Many services will patch your roof with a tarp in an emergency if you’re unable to do so yourself.

Don’t let a small leak go unchecked. Left alone, it will only allow greater home damage. Our roof repair professional service will help you figure out how the leak was caused and find ways to prevent it from happening again. Contact us today for a free quote today!

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