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Proper home maintenance is important if you want to protect your home, arguable your most important investment. You might not know if a damaged shingle is letting water seep in through your attic, but eventually you will be confronted by the mold damage that results over time. It is thus important to (1) find these leaks after a hail storm or normal wear has compromised the integrity of your roof and (2) to hire the right roof contractor that will do the job right the first time. Protect your home like professional property managers would by making sure that any damage repair is taken care of promptly when the front range of repair cost is low because it was detected early.

At Armor Roofing, we have been in this business for many decades and have worked on just about any type of roof you can imagine. Tile roofs, metal roofing, asphalt shingle roofs, wood shake roofs; you name it, we have the experience to handle it from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins CO. We also understand the importance of providing quality service at a reasonable price. We work with the highest quality LifetimerRoof materials from like GAF’s Timberline shingles so that a customer can expect his or her shingle roof to last. And, our workers make sure the job is done properly so that the seal that protects your roof from high winds damage and hail storm damage is not compromised.

It is for these reasons that we can offer an iron clad warranty on both materials and labor on any job we do. Having the job done right is also important to make sure the job is reimbursed properly by your insurance agent. If an insurance representative sees a job that is done poorly, he is going to demand it be done correctly before paying the insurance claims, adding more stress to your life.

Don’t Put Your Whole House At Risk By Neglecting Maintenance Of Your Roof Shingles

For many middle income families, their home represents the most important investment that they will ever make. It is therefore important to take its maintenance seriously. Strong winds damage or hail damage from a thunderstorm or snow drifts can cause significant harm to your roof and can necessitate prompt damage repair.

For that reason, regular inspections by a trained roofing professional are imperative. Ideally there will be nothing wrong, particularly if your roofer used materials quality materials from companies in America meant to last. However, if you do find a problem, you will benefit from finding it earlier, allowing it to be repaired before that defect results in serious damage to your home.

Preventative Maintenance Is Cheap and Easy When Using Colorados Roofing Specialists!

Our HAAG certified roofing and residential roofing inspectors will come out and do a thorough roofing inspection for free. If we do find a problem, we will let you know and recommend the best course of action for your situation. We will also provide a solid estimate if you choose to use us for the homes roof repair or replacement.

Call us today for your free roofing inspection by our qualified Denver roofing contractors!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Denver Roofing Company

How do I know if it is time to replace my roof?

Well, there are two circumstances you should consider.  The first is that most roofing products will degrade over time, even stone coated designs do not have an infinite life.  If you have not had your roofs replaced in 15-36 years, you might want to consider an inspection by a quality roof contractor just to make sure it is not time to upgrade.

Then of course, inclement weather can potentially produce hail damage on any roof depending on the severity of the storm and the quality of the materials used on the prior installation.  For this reason, it is always a good idea to have periodic inspections every year or an inspection after a particularly brutal storm.  For example, if you see visible dents on your car or air conditioner after a major hailstorm, it is quite possible that your roof could have been damaged likewise.  Also if you see one or more patches of asphalt shingles on the ground or front range beside your house, then there is a good chance you need at least a patch job up above.

The last thing you want to do is wait for water damage resulting from an unseen leak from a damage roof to call out an inspector.  Water remediation can be quite expensive, particularly if it is a major leak.  That is why we believe that preventative maintenance is best and the reason we offer free inspections to people in the Denver, CO area.

Why should I chose Armor Roofing LLC over other local service providers?

First of all, we are highly experienced and can handle almost any roofing project.  We did not just start up a few years ago.  We have been roofing houses for the better part of three decades.  So chances are, no matter what roofing types you are considering (from wood shake to stone coated materials), we have the real world experience to do it properly.  Having done a lot of jobs with different materials, and been called in to fix a lot of roofs, we know what lasts and what does not last.

Which brings us to the next point.  We use high quality materials on our jobs.  Our preference is to use the newer “Lifetime Roofing” shingles by companies in America like GAF and Tamko because these have been developed and proven in labs to hold up for decades.  These companies provide extended warranties for their materials which therefore allows us to provide extended lifetime warranties for both materials and labor.  That way, both you and your insurance company will have less of a chance of having to deal with problems in the foreseeable future.

Our experience also means that we have been dealing with insurance companies for many years.  We have established relationships with many of them who know our work from past experience.  In fact, we receive a lot of business from referrals from insurance adjusters who are looking to have a job done right for their clients.  On the other hand, if you use a roofer who is not experienced or cuts corners to come in at a lower bid, there is a greater chance that the insurance claims agent will not approve reimbursement for the job unless the contractor comes back and does the job right.

In some cases, they might not even approve it because they did not even get pre-approval of the claim, perhaps because the damage was not really severe enough to warrant a repair or replacement to begin with.  We have even heard of companies that fake storm damage to get business; however, an experienced insurance agent should be able to tell this is the case and will not likely approve such claims.  That is why you want to make sure you have the right company the first time.

We also are a local based company.  A lot of companies in the mid west work as “storm teams” that go from city to city based on where the weather is most severe.  If something goes wrong with your job, these same teams might not even have anyone in town to deal with the job if something goes wrong.  Armor Roofing LLC maintains an office in Denver and the other cities that it serves so that we are going to be available if something should go wrong.

Finally we offer free inspections from HAAG certified experts and your satisfaction is guaranteed.   We stand by all our jobs with a warranty on both parts and labor, and offer lifetime warranties for lifetime roofing materials.

Do you have to come out to physically inspect our roof?

It is impossible to just give a ballpark estimate over the phone without actually taking a look at the damage.  We understand that people want a quick estimate, but it is impossible to tell on the spot exactly how extensive the damage is, and we would be wary of anyone who quotes you a job price without actually looking at the roof.

That being said, with modern technology, we do not necessarily have to come out and physically inspect the roof.  We have access to drone and satellite technology that can take pictures of your roof from overhead without us having to come out to your place under certain circumstances.  This allows us to give accurate estimates more readily to customers since it reduces the amount of time our roofers spend physically traveling to inspections each day.

In what areas can you conduct a quality roof repair or replacement?

We service most of the Denver, CO metropolitan area including areas such as Colorado Springs and Fort Collins CO.  We also have an office in Kansas City covering that greater metropolitan area.

What other services do you offer?

In addition to roofing repair and replacement, we can help you with gutter repair and replacement in addition to upgrades and damage to the siding on your house.  Our company can handle both residential and commercial roofing jobs on many types of roofs for property managers.

Are you licensed to do residential roof repair in the state of Denver?

Yes, of course.

Can we see examples of your work?

Yes.  Feel free to contact us to see the roofing work we have done for others in your area.  We have many satisfied customers who have widely recommended us on online review sites such as Google My Business without having to offer referral rewards.

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