Erie Insurance and my roof that has hail damage Sep 26, 2016 @ Pissed Consumer

Erie insurance does not want to pay for my hail damage to my roof even though I have had 4 other companies tell me that I had hail damage.

Erie Insurance paid to have an engineering company of their choice come out to check out my roof and when they came out the engineering company called Donan Engineering told me that I did not have hail damage and they took pictures that were so far away that of course in the pictures it does not look like hail damage but if you see the roof in person and take pictures up close you can easily see the damage caused by hail.

I also checked with the weather center and I can also prove when the hail damage happened.

I no longer have my insurance with Erie Insurance and I do not recommend them to anyone unless of course you want to go through what I went through. I was hung up up on twice by the Charlotte manager Michelle S.

not only once but twice and I was also hung up on by the engineering company Donian Engineering. Once by the South East Manager and once by the gal in the office.

I also have written complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Charlotte and Donian Engineering has chosen not to even respond to them.

Go figure? I guess they do not care about their reputation.

Why could I not use a roofing company of my choice or a inspector of my choice? Because Erie Insurance does not want to pay their claims is why.

You see an insurance company is only as good as if they pay their claims and if I pay my premiums then I expect the insurance company to pay if I have problems. Not only have I turned the insurance company over to the BBB but I have also turned them over the the North Carolina Insurance Commission. The report that I did up on this claim that I sent to the North Carolina Insurance Commission was 126 pages long with detailed pictures and reports from other companies.

This is my first home owners claim ever and I expect to be treated with respect as well as have my claim paid for because I got hail damage.

David Snell


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