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Trusted Roofing Contractor for40 YearsWaterview Construction Company is family owned and operated business of outstandingGarland roofersthat has been serving the residential and commercial roofing and home / business improvement needs of Garland, Dallas Collin and Denton Counties for over 34 years.Expect a contractor that will treat your home or building, one of your more important assets, as if it were our own. We have a keen understanding of the Texas climate, its harsh effect on your home, and most importantly, how to repair and upgrade your home right the first time.

Remodeling & Home Improvement

Waterview Construction Company is a full-service, Garland multi-trade general contractor committed to best practice methods to plan your project, inspect storm damage, install, and service residential and commercial remodeling and repair company. We also offer a full range of services and materials, including but not limited to,gutters,siding,skylights,insulation, andwindow installation and replacement. This includes general handyman services for any other repair that your home may need. All of our work is guaranteed and backed by the strength of our company.

Quality Control and Safety

We maintain a list of contractors, project managers and customer service representatives that are committed to keeping you fully informed of your project’s progress. There is always a qualified Waterview Construction Company representative available to assist you with 24-hour service.  The structured approach we take to each project is a foundation of our business. This includes having a quality control person conducting frequent visits and inspections throughout the life of each project, something our customers really appreciate. Beware of fly by night contractors who follow the storms and can’t give warranties that their work will last or that they’ll even be reachable next week.

Storm and Hail Damage

After a storm, especially a hail storm you need to have your home inspected. Either inspect the damage yourself or call us to come out and inspect it. After a hail storm there is a high likelihood of minorhail damagethat’s easy and inexpensive to fix. Leaving that damage, cracks adn small leaks alone will sooner or later cause much larger and more expensive issues. Serving the North Dallas, Collin and Denton needs from our Garland office, Waterview Construction Company specializes in assisting homeowners with hail and storm-related insurance claims. After we thoroughly assess your home’s damage, we create a detailed written estimate, and determine if the storm related damage warrant repair or replacement under your insurance policy. We will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure your claim is properly settled and completed in a professional and timely manner. Let one of our trained specialists inspect your home at no cost or obligation to you.

Serving Garland, North Dallas, Collin and Denton Counties

We’ve been serving the Dallas area for more than 34 years and are here to stay. Our contractors will travel most anywhere in Dallas, Collin and Denton Counties to repair roofs, install or fix siding, replace windows or insulation. Call us anytime at 972-412-8986 for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment. Proudly serving Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Plano, Irving and surrounding areas. You can count on our trustworthy contractors with more than40 years of experience! Finding a company in Garland that delivers and is able to do multiple jobs may be hard to do, but when you find out all that we are able to offer within our establishment, you will be surprised at just how easy it can be to hire one company for the entire job. Of course, if you are looking to have one or two projects done, we can also do that. Learn more about the services that we offer and find out if this is the work that you need to have done at your home.

Home Maintenance & Remodeling Services:

  • Roof Repair & Ventilation– An old roof is not going to work as good as a new one. Not only will you live more comfortably, but you will be able to enjoy the aesthetic benefits that come with having a newer, upgraded, beautiful roof put on your home.

  • Siding – Siding provides the same benefit as roofing. Not only are you protecting the structure and walls of your home from outside elements, but you are allowing yourself to live more comfortably within. Be able to enjoy the way your home looks and feels once the siding has been installed.

  • Gutters – Gutters are essential to your home since they keep the water away from the foundation so it does not become ruined. Keep this in mind when your old gutters are not working the way that they should and you find water spots and leaks within the basement and through the walls.

  • Window Replacement – Replacing old, worn out windows is essential if you want cost saving benefits. Be able to keep the heat or cool air inside, depending on the season and live comfortably, make your home look better and save money each month on your energy bill.

  • Insulation – The insulation that is throughout the home should be performing the best that it can. With this in mind, if your home is still cold throughout the winter, it might be ideal to get more or new insulation placed in the walls to help keep heat inside.

  • Skylights – Skylights are a beautiful addition to any Garland home and you want to ensure that you provide sunlight into the home from all angles. Also, vented skylights are also available to allow more circulation throughout the home.

While considering these extras and what needs to be done on your home, you have to consider which projects you may want to cover first. This is due to the fact that perhaps you do not have the means at the moment to cover them all, or perhaps not enough time. In our experience, the siding, roofing and gutters should always be done first. These are the most functional and necessary items of the home. Without them, you are going to be looking at much higher costs by not having them fixed when they should be. Without a roof, you are adding unnecessary water into the basement, through the attic, into the walls and foundation. This can cause a home to fall under pressure and crumble. This is not what you are going to want, you have to take care of your foundation and protect it. By adding a stable, strong roof to your property, you are able to provide just that for your foundation. The siding will not only transform the look of your home, but it is also able to provide you with more insulation and protection for the walls. This can protect your home from the outside elements that it comes in contact with throughout the years in Garland. Be prepared for the rain storms, high winds and anything else that hits the side of your home. Protect the outside, so nothing is able to get in. Gutters can be added to the roofing or siding project if the ones that you have are coming apart and not able to do their job. By replacing the gutters, you are keeping the rain away from the foundation. Without having properly working gutters, the rain is able to drip down the sides of the home, seep into the basement, walls and foundation which leaves it susceptible to mold, mildew and even being able to break down the foundation. As mentioned above, we have to protect the foundation of the home, for the life of the home. Windows, insulation and skylights can be added on later since they can also be important. However, with new siding or a new roof, you can have extra insulation put on your home just by replacing these. You are also able to get more energy saving benefits with windows, which can be done one at a time, but if you replace them all together, you may be able to save money. Skylights are not a necessity, but if you have one that needs to be replaced because it is leaking, you can also consider repairing it until you have the means to totally replace it out. Each one of these services is important and finding the right company to provide the work for you that is reputable and reliable is essential. Consider the work that needs to be done on your home and then create a check list of the reasons why they would be good to replace. The one that has the most pros on the list, is the winner and what you should consider having done first. Always ensure that you are prepared and ready to go when it comes to any large projects being done on your home. Speak with us more regarding the work that you would like to have done at your Plano home. It can be well worth it to call our contractors that work in the McKinney, Garland, Allen and surrounding Texas cities. Feel free to give us a call with any and all questions that you may have or to set up an appointment for an estimate. We are professionals in the field and want to continue to provide high quality work to those residents looking to get more from their houses.


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