Roof Repair from Western Products | Fargo, ND

Big Roof Damage? No Problem!

High winds, flying debris, ice dams, hail and other severe weather can damage and take a toll on your roof. Thankfully, Western Products has the dedicated crews and resources you need to tackle even the most demanding roof repair job. Whether your home has a roof deck penetration, toppled chimney, blown off shingles or separated flashing, we’ll take immediate steps to replace your roof.

We’ll even work with your insurance company to document any storm-related damage in order to speed the claims process. You’ll get your roof back to prime condition more quickly without the hassle of waiting months for an insurance check.

Annoying Roof Leak?

Sometimes your roof’s problem isn’t a big hole, sagging gutters or damaged shingles that require attention, but something as simple as a minor leak. Even the smallest trickle of water can cause major damage once it gets into your home! Water intrusion can result in stained walls and ceilings, rotted floors and weakened wood framing.

That’s why you should never ignore any leak, no matter how insignificant. As the leading roofing authorities in the Upper Midwest, Western Products has the experience and skills to identify the often hidden source of a leak and take the necessary steps to replace your roof before more damage can be caused.


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