Hand-split wood shakes and hail damage?

I met an adjuster on a cedar shake roof yesterday. The roof has some slopes close to 30 years and some slopes were about 10 years old. All the slopes had hail damage to the surface. The older slopes had butt rot which is not hail related but as the adjuster said the bottoms rot from snow sitting on them over time.

Although the adjuster called the claim in after I told her she’d more than likely get shot down she did anyways.

For hail to damage a cedar shake roof it must leave in impact mark and a fresh break at the point of impact. You will be able to press down on the hit and see a split and see fresh wood on each side of the break. The adjuster said on a decent roof 20-30 hits per test square and on an older roof 10-15 hits per test square to total it out.

I’ve only had one cedar shake roof bought for storm damage and it was for wind on a shot 35 year old roof.


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