Roof Installation, Replacement and Repair

It is always good practice to use quality roofing materials in their proper places to ensure that the life expectancy of any new shingle or flat roof being installed is maximized. You can be sure that Home Evolution uses quality roofing materials on every roofing system we install. Different styles and roof pitches may require specific ice and water barriers to be installed, especially on low pitches. It is always good practice to have your roof correctly ventilated to allow proper airflow. Not allowing enough airflow, combined with moisture can cause mold, de-lamination of plywood, rotting and buckling to occur underneath the roofing substrate. You should always have proper airflow allowing air to come into the attic through the soffits and escape properly through the roof peaks via the ridge vents. Keep in mind that the greater Albany area sees drastic temperature changes between winter and summer. It is essential to make sure your roof is breathing properly. All roof penetrations should also be properly sealed with quality sealant and flashed to ensure that water cannot penetrate below the surface of the roofing system.

The video below shows a prime example of a roof that needs to be replaced. There are a lot of problematic areas that, if not attended to, will cause leaks and extensive damage to the interior of the home when there are heavy rains or ice dam buildup. There is already visible damage to the plywood in the attic with mold all over it that needs to be replaced along with the roof.


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