Typical Roof Warranty Coverage Explained

A pro-rated warranty diminishes in value over the life of the roof system. Some roofing warranties will offer a fully pro-rated warranty while others offer NDL for a certain amount of time then switch to pro-rated. To better understand NDL vs. pro-rated here is an example:

You purchase a 20 year pro-rated roof warranty that offers NDL coverage for the first 10 years. After year 11 the amount of the cost of repairs covered begins to drop. By year 11 you may only be covered for 80% and by year 13 only 40%. This may come back to bite you in the end. Pro-rated warranties will cost a bit less but you can see how you may end of spending more later on. In this case it’s better to take a shorter term NDL warranty, such as a 15 year, instead of a 20 or 30 year pro-rated warranty.

It’s also important to remember with a pro-rated warranty that the cost of roof materials is more likely to increase than decrease.  So not only are you now paying a portion of the repair costs but the cost of the materials are now higher than they were at time of installation.


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