How do I get out of paying the insurance deductible for my hail-damaged roof? (Home Roofing Insurance & Warranties)

This is old but after reading all this I simply must comment.

1-yeah that didn’t sound like a joke. But! I get it. I worked in several different insurance fields and I couldn’t take it anymore because the one thing they all have in common I this: The very first thing they do is go thru Te reasons to DENY the claim. If one fits-denied. The numbers have since changed, but when I was in the fields, around 60% of claim applicants accepted the denial. If you appeal the denial THEN its looked at with a different set of standards and the first question on the adjusters list is this:did applicant til with us in the last (time frame ranging from 30 days to one year)

what does that matter?

now, tear me apart all you high and mighty….lets say it took the first guy a total of ten hours to asses the area and figure out how to deny the claim Nd the second guy 15 hours total to review the case and go thru the appeal and all the other points that needs to get squared away to get the claimantthe money…lets say $25 an hour times those total of 25 hours costs the insurance company $425 just to pay the folks who did the paperwor. I’m lowballing too.

who do you think is really paying that guy, s use me both those guys? The claimant.

every person who pays insurance isnt just paying for protection in that monthly bill. Every policy is annualized to cover the cost of administration, filing, AND a little of every pilicy covers the cost of extraordinary disasters. Not for the insureds xdis…thats if the INSURANCE company takes a hit because of something extraordinary.

thats why when awful thngs like Katrina, 9/11,the Phuket Tsuname…when hundreds of thousands of people die and billions of damages are dine, insurance companies DONT go out of business despite having to pay for all that at once bevause the insurance companies scrape a little bit iut if every single person the cover to pay the damages.

im not saying im not mire than willing to give over every extra dime i have to help. And id break my back doing the work too if given the opportunity. But dont sing the praises of the insurance companies.

Even if she did get to po ket the extra, si what? She wouldn’t have asked if she didn’t need it for SOMETHING.

Dont be si hard on your judging folks. Think about all the angles, get informed before you start pitching the “insurance fraud is a front” crap. It is, I know it is. But why are WE, the consumers, the laborers, the only ones held accountable?

your insurance company I’d duping you. I promise you your paying for something you dint know about. Your only option is to suck it up n shut it up. But if you were taking from them you could go to hail?

insurance companies provide life insurance on employees with the CORPORATION as the benefactor.

that’s illegal. There is NO INSURABLE INTEREST. but they do it. I quit when, in one week I wrote 6 checks for almost 4million bucks total, to very big very recognizable. companies. Because they had policies FOR THEMSELVES unbeknownst to the employee or thier families. The one lady that died, was cremated because she had no one, her ashes are still at the morgue and the funeral director called and asked who I wrote the benifit check to because he still had to get paid for burning her up and storing the remains. He thought I wax joking when I til him. I faxed him the proof, wished him luck, quit and will never work for insurwagain. I wish I didn’t know what I know.

never defend insurance companies, even if that’s where you get your dough.


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