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Does your home need its roof repaired or replaced?

Our roofs are designed to withstand all types of weather and help protect us from the elements. As our rooftops age, their integrity decreases slowly over time as nature takes its toll on it. Water leaks and air leaks are common as the age of our roof. Our roofing company is the one to choose if you want to repair current roof damages. We can help to identify any weaknesses that could lead to future problems. We list five signs that display you require a roof repair or a new roof.

Problems with roof shingles:

It is essential to inspect your roof every few years. If you notice shingles that look to be loose, cracked or damaged in any way, you must contact a roofing repair company. These signs mean that your shingles are at the end of their life and that your roof may potentially be exposed to water leaks and roof rotting.

Roof water damage:

It is also essential to inspect your attic periodically during rainstorms. These inspections can help you identify roof leaks that may be creating mold. These leaks could destroy your ceiling. You can also give your home a walk-thru to see if there are dark spots on the ceiling or streaks on the walls. A leaking roof and clogged gutter can lead to significant water damages.

Higher than average energy bills:

Has your electric bill increased recently? If it has, it could be from increased usage of your air conditioner. If your roof has an air leak, it can make your houses colder air escape and allow for the hotter temperatures to come in. If your electrical bill has risen in the summer months, you may need to contact a roofing repair contractor and have your roof inspected for potentially leaking. We offer free roof inspections.


A critical component of shingles is the sandy looking material on the top of them, also known as granules. Shingle granules (or sandy material) are used to protect your roof from UV rays, rain, snow, and more. It is essential to notice if your shingles are losing granules in your gutters or on your driveway. If you see shingles granules, this means your roof’s life is just about at its end. You should contact one of our roof repair contractors immediately. Don’t forget, and we offer free shingle inspections.


Living in most cities with heavy rainfall can cause ugly dark stains on roofs. The alga is known as “Gloeocapsa Magma.” It is easy to spot if a roof is covered with this algae; look for any vent pipe coming out of a roof, underneath the pipeline will seem to be a clean, bright strip. That fresh, clear strip is typically the color of your roof. The algae can compromise the integrity of your roof and should be remediated by a professional. You should contact our roofing experts today for a free consultation.


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