How To Get Roof Damage Claims Approved by Insurance

3. Your insurance company sends out their adjuster to inspect your roof and appraise the damage. She agrees that the damage is extensive in several different areas. Furthermore, she agrees with your roofer’s assessment that repairing or replacing only the damaged shingles wouldn’t be effective. She therefore approves payment for a full roof replacement, including underlayment and flashing, etc.

It is rarely the case that roof damage insurance claims go this smoothly. More often than not, your insurance company’s adjuster will do his/her best to approve the cheapest, most bare-minimum roof repairs. In addition to that, there are some types of roof damages that ae not covered by homeowners insurance at all. See below for some reasons claims get denied.

Roofing Claims for ACV vs. RCV Insurance Policies

There are differences in the insurance payout depending on whether you have an ACV or RCV insurance policy. For ACV, you will only get the Actual Cash Value of your roof – which is considerably less. If you have an RCV insurance policy, you will receive a check for the value of your roof less the depreciation. Then, after you get your roof replaced, you will receive a check for the recovered value of the roof. Keep in mind that this will mean hiring a contractor that is comfortable handling insurance claims. Most are.


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