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As Colorado residents ourselves, we can understand how devastating hail storms can be to your home and property. Hail can compromise your roof system as well as cause leaks.


Based out of Westminster, we’re here to lend our expert eye to Colorado residents all over the Denver metro region, from Fort Collins to Parker. If your home has recently been hit by a damaging hail storm, it is vital to have your roof inspected by a trusted local roofer to verify damage before turning in an insurance claim.


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From fixing damage shingles to repairing holes, and stopping roof leaks, the scope of our hail damage roof repair is tailored to fit your needs. When your home gets hit and you suspect damage, it is critical you seek expert help. A minor leak can turn into a major problem leading to interior damage.


Here at CIG Construction, we want to eliminate any added stress or complications in your life following hail damage to your home. Our team is here to assist in the process of hail damage roof repair and the insurance claim process. 


CIG Construction offers a zero-cost, no obligation initial inspection of your home, determining if hail damage roof repair and further inspections are needed. Most importantly, our comprehensive assessment can help determine if you’re able to file a storm damage roof insurance claim.

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Your partner through the complex world of insurance claimS REPAIR

CIG Construction makes sure that the scope of repairs identified by your insurance company complies with plans, specifications, codes, laws, regulations, and roofing industry standards for workmanlike construction and repair.


Our prompt & perceptive hail damage roof repair process


Applying a top-down approach, we inspect every area of your home or business from the ground up to determine the severity of damage. 

We’ll assess your roof for signs of impact left by forceful hailstones or pellets, looking for deep bruising or dents in your shingles. These impacts result in granule loss. This type of damage and bruising can compromise the entire roof system. When the integrity of the shingle is comprised, it can lead to premature deterioration and reduce the life of the roof. 


We let you in on our findings, providing pictures if necessary allows you to see exactly what we’re talking about.


To assess whether or not a there is verifiable damage to turn in an insurance claim, our team maps out a 10’ x 10’ area, or 100 square feet. By circling out instances of impact with chalk, we can easily scan the space to evaluate the scope of damage. If there are anywhere from 6 – 12 impacts within the 100 square foot area, a total roof replacement may be covered by your homeowners insurance.


Scope of Repairs

Before any hail damage roof repair starts, we’ll provide a detailed scope of repairs. 


Our scope of hail damage roof repair bridges the gap of missed repair items in the insurance claim scope of loss. Our detailed insurance claim scope of repairs often includes photos, diagrams, and a detailed line item broken down by construction trades and materials. A complete scope of repairs will specify the work that needs to be done to comply with the local building codes in the area.

FREE Carbon Monoxide Dectector

With Every Roof Replacement

Because the safety of your family is important to us.

During a roof replacement flashing around vent stacks, specifically furnace flue pipes and water heater flue pipes, if located through the roof, can unintentionally become disconnected in the attic area.

During roof replacement CIG Construction takes every precaution to keep homeowners safe.

When roof replacement is complete CIG Construction’s trained foreman examines all flue pipes. As an extra precaution CIG Construction contracts a licensed HVAC sub-contractor to perform a thorough inspection in the attic area to ensure all flue pipe connections are intact and safely venting through the roof. As an added safeguard, beginning July 4, 2018, with every roof replacement CIG Construction is providing homeowners with a free carbon monoxide detector.

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When a hail storm strikes, give us a call

CIG Construction is your unrivaled answer for hail damage roof repair and replacement. Because of our unwavering commitment to premium quality product, passionate installation, and time-tested processes, we can provide the valued security and stability you need.


CIG Construction should be your first call after a hail storm. If you suspect damage or need the peace-of-mind that your roof is secure, call us to setup a free roof inspection today. We can assess your roof’s stability and structure for any damage or weathering due to the storm, and recommend your best plan of action.

Before you call your insurance company to file a claim, call us. If there is sufficient damage that requires filing a claim, we’ll let you know. That way, you don’t file an unnecessary claim that results in wasted time, resources, and energy. We’re experts in hail damage roof repair and replacement, making us well-versed in the latest building codes and requirements. Often times, your insurance adjusters aren’t aware of your city’s codes, because they vary from city-to-city. Are they requiring an ice and water shield? Are they requiring a drip edge? Your insurance may not know, but we do.

We’re locals like you, and our job is to keep a roof over your head. We’ll lay out what steps need to be taken after our evaluation, ensuring you’re informed of your roofing’s stability, status, and possible solution. We believe that everyone should have a trustworthy source of support when filing an insurance claim for hail damage roof repair, and we’re here to be yours.

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