Damage to old roof from winds, what will insurance cover? (Home Roofing)

Depends on your insurance type. With a depreciated replacement coverage, they will estimate the remaining life of the roof at the time it was damaged, and pay that portion of the total replacement cost. Say you have 25 year rated shingles and they are 10 years old – they would replace 15/25th of the cost assuming they were in normal condition for that age shingle. If you don’t know the age of the shingles they will estimate that too, generally on the older side of course. Of course, if your roof was a 30 year or less rated shingle (almost certainly, especially if that old) and original shingles, then they would say it is past its life and pay nothing for the roof replacement.

If you don’t know roof age, you may find it on the real estate disclosure from when you bought the house, or may be able (maybe) to contact prior owners and get a written statement from them as to how old it is.

Generally, insurance companies pay for the direct water damage (assuming it is one-time, not over a long period of time) regardless, as a direct damage cost, without markdown on the cleanup cost, but with depreciation markdown for things like damaged furnishings and carpeting and such.

Now – if you have replacement cost coverage, generally they pay the entire fair market cost to replace the roof and water damage, without deducting a percentage for depreciation.

Your renewal statement probably, and policy certainly, will say if you have replacement cost coverage or not – either as a type of policy, or as a rider maybe. If it does not say, then almost certainly is depreciable value coverage only.

You can see a lot of prior questions (with answers) here about storm damage roofing claims and roof damage/replacement scams in the Home > Roofing link in Browse Projects, at lower left – and below this response if logged in. My recommendation – NEVER sign over your rights to the claim benefit/check or the claim process to a contractor, and don’t sign a contract or provisional agreement or such named document with one up front without getting competing bids first.

Also – be sure the rest of your roof is checked for damage during the bidding process- if you had a lot of shingle loss on the garage, unless it was a lot older or lower grade shingles, you are likely to have house roof damage too.


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