Claiming for a roof repair with your insurance company

A roof repair can be stressful because not only can repairs be costly but the overall issue can affect your day to day living. The latter means that the roof damage repair is not something that you can delay. For this reason, insurance companies can help you out with the costs. However, several things need to be considered before your insurance claim is granted.

Full coverage for repairs

In some cases, full coverage is given for roof repairs but this is not common and most of the time, only parts of the costs would be covered. Full coverage is only given if your roof was previously in very good condition, was brand new, or if the cause of the damage, such as a storm, was included in the coverage.

Coverage for roof replacement

Another important issue is whether your insurance company would cover the costs of a new roof or a full roof replacement. This will depend on the damage that has been done to your roof. If it can be proven that a new roof is actually needed and that the damage cannot be fixed by repairs alone, then the insurance company may cover the full costs of a replacement. It also helps if the cost of a new roof would be less than repairing every damaged area.

Estimation of costs

To file an insurance claim for a roof repair you first need to get an estimation of the cost of repairs. To do this, you need to contact a reputable roofing company to give you an estimation of costs. Many roofing companies will do this for free, so it’s worth your while spending some time giving a number of companies a call. It also helps to hire a roofing company that has insurance expertise so that they can help you out with any questions that you may have throughout the process.

Factors to be considered

When looking at your insurance claim for roof repairs, the insurance company would look at several factors and use these to determine whether or not your claim is valid and how much of the costs they can cover:

Age of roof

The age of your roof will affect the extent of the damage done therefore this will be one of the main factors that an insurance company will take into consideration. Generally, a roof that is less than ten years old will be considered fairly new.

Condition of roof

If your roof is more than ten years old, but it was well maintained, and in good condition before the cause of damage, it’s likely that you will get better insurance coverage. Getting your roof checked at least once a year and providing proof of this to your insurance company will stand you in better stead when putting in a claim.

Cause of damage

This is the most important factor that insurance companies will consider as it will determine whether or not they will even consider providing you with anything for the required repairs. Insurance companies will not cover damage caused by regular wear and tear but causes that are unexpected such as natural disasters (storms and hurricanes), unexpected disasters (fire) and outside factors like vandalism. It is worth asking your insurance company which causes they do cover because each company and policy will differ.

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